Meet The Harding Family


Kip and Mona Lisa Harding were high school sweethearts in San Jose, California, when Kip asked Mona Lisa to the prom and the proposed a few weeks later. Mona Lisa agreed to be his wife and they dreamed of starting a family together. After four kids, they decided to turn to homeschooling, and their success paved the way for their children to start college by the age of 12 and go on to great careers in medicine, engineering, architecture, and more.

Hannah, age 26

Hannah earned BS in Mathematics at 17 from Auburn University Montgomery and an MS in Mathematics at 19 from Cal State East Bay in Hayward, California. She is currently working on a Phd in Material Science at Tuskegee University.

Rosannah, age 24

Rosannah finished a 5 year architecture program at 18 from California College of the Arts and became the youngest member in the American Institute of Architects at the age of 23. She is married to Sergio Sandoval and working on a master’s degree at The Cooper Union in NYC. See her profile at


Serennah, age 22
Navy Doctor

Serennah earned a BA in Biology at 17 from Huntingdon College and became one of the nation’s youngest female doctors at 22. She is a resident at the Naval hospital at Bethesda.

Heath, age 17

Heath broke his sisters’ records with a BA in English at 15 and a MS in Computer Science at 17 from Troy University. He is currently working to build his tutoring and on line computer business.

Keith, age 15

Keith started college at 11 and is on track to graduate at 15 with a BA in Music from Faulkner University. He is still considering his graduate school options.

Seth, age 13

Seth also started college at 11 and is a college sophomore at the age of 13. He is a history major at Huntingdon College.

Katrinnah, age 10

Katrinnah started a dual-enrolled English class at Faulkner University at the age of 10 and is part of the university choir. At eleven, she is finishing up her high school course work. She plans to take college classes this summer and gradually work up to full-time status. She is interested in majoring in theater arts and possibly law school someday.

Mariannah, age 8
Lorennah, age 5
Thunder, age 3

Mariannah, Lorennah, and Thunder are still at home being

“Motivated by their Christian faith and dissatisfaction with the lack of personal attention children receive in the classroom…the Hardings chose to homeschool their children-all 10 of them. [T]he work ethic and family bonding are impressive, as are the children’s career successes.”

- Publishers Weekly

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